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Developing marketing offers that VALIDATE CUSTOMER INTEREST

in having their problems solved by you


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+ Messaging Defined

Essential question: How entrepreneurs gather the inputs to develop marketing messages?

Objectives: Learn how to organize the results from customer interviews and develop your marketing message used to reach your Early Adopters.

  • Explore how your customer’s problems become the basis for your marketing message and product design

  • Discuss how to recognize and organize trends in your customer interviews to surface their most pressing problem

  • Identify the 5 actionable insights necessary for creating effective marketing messages

  • Discover your best source for marketing copy that will resonate with your customers

By finding problems worth solving from your customer conversations, you’ll be able to shorten the time to generate quality marketing messages from months to days.

If you’ve spent more than 4 weeks struggling to generate sales, this meetup will teach you how to discover key themes regarding problems, channels, emotions and deficiencies necessary to develop your marketing message.

+ Message Generation

Essential question: What is the best way to generate quality marketing messages?

Objectives: Explore how founders create awareness of the problem the customer desparately wants solved and get them to take the desired action.

  • Discover the best channels for you to test your initial marketing messages

  • Learn how to estimate the time and money required to activate your Early Adopters

  • Explore how to create awareness in your customers of the problem that your product solves for them

  • Diagnose the 1 key element that nearly every entrepreneur misses when marketing to their customers

  • Generate 3 quality marketing offers that can be implemented within 30 minutes.

By generating marketing offers that resonate with your customers by clearly addressing the problem that their experiencing and your hint of a solution, you’ll be able to quickly test multiple marketing messages and hone in on which one works best while saving you weeks of frustration and turning $1000s in wasted advertising to real customer sales.

If you’ve spent the last 30 days struggling to develop a clear marketing offer or if your customers continuously ignore your marketing messages, this meetup will teach you how to emotionally connect with your customers and understand how to most effectively describe your solution to their problem.

+ Message KPIs

Essential question: How do entrepreneurs measure the success of their marketing message?

Objectives: Learn how to identify qualified customer lead costs and determine customer profitability.

  • Determine the feasibility of your marketing messages

  • Discuss the benefits of determining your 3 best message experiments in advance

  • Define the key success metrics that top entrepreneurs use to easily measure their marketing messages

  • Explore the correlation between the 4 essential metrics that you need to know before testing your marketing offer

By identifying the message KPIs before testing your marketing offer, you’ll know what assumptions to validate and the customer conversions necessary for your startup’s success.

If you’ve developed marketing campaigns over the past 3 months without clear conversion metrics, this meetup will teach you how to achieve your path to victory by building out actionable KPIs that you can implement in 5 days.

+ Message Validation

Essential question: What is the best way to validate a marketing message?

Objectives: Explore techniques founders use to test landing pages or product brochures and create conversions.

  • Explore how to validate your marketing message by testing for customer curiosity

  • Discuss the 2 phases of message validation

  • Identify the essential success metric for 5 primary channel types

  • Understand how to design message experiments that keep your potential customers engaged

  • Determine the 6 elements of your marketing offer experiment

  • Explain how to determine which of 3 steps that you’ll take upon completing your message validation test

By validating your marketing message with Early Adopters, you’ll know the effectiveness of marketing offer, which success variables that you need to refine, and the next steps necessary to develop your sales funnel.

If you’ve spent $50+ testing marketing messages with your customers and not sure why your experiments are succeeding or failing, this meetup will teach you an easy-to-repeat process that’ll help you clearly decide whether to proceed, optimize or pivot with your marketing messages as well as the understanding necessary to create regular customer conversions.

+ Marketing Plan B

Essential question: Why are marketing backup plans essential to entrepreneurs?

Objectives: Identify the causes that lead to invalidation of problem-solution fit hypothesis and develop a recovery plan beforehand.

  • Understand how your marketing messages are an essential element to achieving problem-solution fit

  • Discuss how to develop an alternative problem/solution hypothesis in case your original one fails to maintain forward momentum for your startup’s marketing message

  • Learn the 3 key reasons why founders should build their Plan B before launching their initial marketing test

  • Explore steps entrepreneurs take to bounce-back faster from failure

By planning your backup options before executing your initial plan, you’ll have confidence in controlling the alternatives to your marketing message experiments if they become invalidated.

If you’ve struggled with customer sales in the past 90 days, this meetup will teach you how to reformulate your messaging, develop several alternatives to test on your target market segment and provide you the how-to-guide necessary to successfully achieve problem-solution fit.

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Mastery Skills Gained

Message development, offer measurement, channel validation



Early stage startup team members (pre-funding through seed stage), inexperienced entrepreneurs, curious enterprise executives and employees, university students interested in learning lean methods





Web-based instruction with interactive exercises

On-demand with live feedback



23 videos

6 activities

7 hours to complete