You’ve always dreamed of building a successful business

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you could try

All the risky ways that may not work


Deplete your life savings and spend $1,000s on sales and marketing with no results


Waste 3 to 6 months learning lots of theory but uncertain how to apply it to your idea


Burn $50,000 to get an incomplete product and no ability to generate revenue


Exhaust 3 months preparing for demo day resulting in no paying customers or investors


Squander time and money on “opportunities” that promise everything and deliver nothing


there's a better way

Save months of wasted effort and thousands of dollars by using the Founder’s Journey Framework to build your business

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Build a better startup, faster

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

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Finding customers who are willing to pay for your solution even though it isn’t perfect made the difference in finding early success. The hands-on mentoring provided in this course has been invaluable in rethinking my approach, finding MY early adopters and generating revenues quickly. All of this will help me continue to evolve my product AND sell while doing it.
— Mariam Haddad - CEO, Performance English

still not convinced this is for you?

95% of all startups fail by not avoiding one of these common dead-ends

We provide the knowledge, tools and coaching to overcome each obstacle

Don't waste your time and savings making these mistakes

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