WEBINAR: 5 Key Steps to Getting Your Startup Funded

Turn investors from maybe to yes in weeks!


 Stephen White

Stephen White


Before your startup can get funded, you need to overcome several roadblocks. Every startup faces them and they prevent investors from moving forward with you.

Is your idea worth committing to? Have you reached product/market fit or not? Do you have a stable business model?

In fact, there’s 5 Key Questions that every startup has to answer before investors will put money into your business. Each of these can be measured, but you have to have a know how to approach each one and have a clear plan to validate your startup’s product assumptions.

Join Stephen White for a webinar where you’ll learn which problems you need to solve first and how to measure your progress along the way.

In this webinar, we’ll show you:
- The #1 reason investors fund early stage startups.
- The 5 Key Questions for startup validation and the key metric to answer each one.
- How to tell if you’ve reached product/market fit.
- How to know when you’re ready to raise your investment round.

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